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Perfect Yanagisawa SC-991 Curved Soprano Sax - Serial # 00337666

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Product ID: 00337666YaniSC991Sop


HELP, I Want One!

Outstanding Physical Condition & a Sweet Player

This is an extremely pretty Yanagisawa 991 curved soprano saxophone, serial number 00337666. The previous owner of this sax did an excellent job professionally maintaining it. It is in great near flawless physical condition from top to bottom. There are just a couple fine surface scratches, that is about it. It has no signs of any repairs in the past. No dent work and no re-solders. The neck is also in perfect physical condition.


All of the leather pads and brown plastic resonators on this sax are in outstanding shape. This saxophone is currently in the Saxquest shop being professionally regulated and ships in perfect playing condition with its original case.


The Yanagisawa 991 is a top notch professional soprano. It plays with a crystal clear voice and medium warm color. Intonation on these saxophones is superb. The key action on these models is also exceptionally smooth and easy to get around on. If you are looking to get into a great pro soprano for a low price this is something you will not want to pass this one up.