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Perfect Condition Professional Yanagisawa A-901 Alto Sax - Serial # 00332838

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Product ID: 00332838Yani901Alto


HELP, I Want One!

MINT Condition

This is a mint condition, very lightly played Yanagisawa A-901 alto sax, serial number 00332838. Quite literally I see just 4 or 5 tiny scratches on the bell, otherwise this alto is flawless top to bottom.


The pictures tell the tale on this one. There is absolutely no lacquer wear, no past damage or repairs, and the sax looks incredible. It comes complete with original mouthpiece and neck, and ships in its original case. The entire package looks like a new horn that has been played a handful of times.


Sonically, this Yanagisawa has a warm, centered tone, with a lightning fast response. Intonation is impeccable, and it has a nice combination of a free blowing feeling while staying focused and centered. You see a lot of concert band and classical players like these instruments because the intonation is so perfect and it blends well, but I find it to have plenty of edge and power with the right mouthpiece, making it suitable for any situation.