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Pearl Side Key King Super 20 Tenor Sax - New Pads - Serial # 298072

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Product ID: 298072Super20Tenor


HELP, I Want One!

Early Vintage Super 20 Tenor

This is a first series H.N. White King Super 20 tenor saxophone, serial number 298072. This tenor dates to the early days of the Super 20, serial number dates to about 1948. This tenor is in exceptional physical condition and comes in all new pads.


This Super 20 was relacquered long ago and done very well. The engraving remains clearly defined and crisp, evidence of little buffing during the work. The sax still has a nice aged patina too, and carries and original-like lacquer color. Physically the horn is very straight. It looks like there may have been some minor past dent work in the bottom bow area before the lacquering, but appears good now. I see no other signs of past work. The original sterling silver neck has never been pulled down or damaged. The neck has the underslung octave key and double socket receiver. One roller is non-original, the low Bb roller on the table keys as seen in the photos. The sax has sunburst engraving on all the lower bow and bell key cups, and pearl inlay on many touch points.


This tenor was repadded recently, using premium firm leather pads and brown plastic resonators. It has a tight pop under your fingers and feels crisp and new. We will give this tenor our thorough pro set up before shipping, where we will even the spring tensions and optimize the key heights. We will also make the normally troublesome King table keys feel perfectly comfortable and fluid.


Super 20's have a rep for being power horns and this horn definitely fits the bill, but it has a certain color and warmth in the tone too. You can push it quick and hard and quickly pull back with ease. Its tone feels focused without feeling tight, and the sound just leaps out of the bell. A fantastic player's Super 20.