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Outstanding Yanagisawa 901 Alto Sax – Beautiful Gold Lacquer, Serial #00302534 – High F#

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Product ID: 00302534Yani901Altb


HELP, I Want One!

Yani 901 - Gold Lacquer
This is a very nice Yanagisawa 901 alto saxophone in gold lacquer, serial number 00303534. The alto is in excellent physical condition and is a fantastic player as well. These 901 instruments are perfect for someone wanting professional quality at a bargain price. This one plays with a precise  medium warm core sound and is even free blowing in comparison to the 991 model. The 901's are manufactured with less post rib construction on their body tube which is one reason many people find them to have a more free blowing or “open” sound. Key action feels very comfortable and easy to get around on as well. This saxophone does features key work to high F#. 
This alto has seen some use in the past but it was handled very well. The gold lacquer down the body tube and bell is very clean. There is a little bit of play wear around some of the major touch points on the keys. The saxophone has no history of ever receiving any major repair in the past. Its original neck is also in top notch condition. This alto recently received a full set-up in the Saxquest shop and is playing at the top of its game. All of the leather pads and brown plastic resonators are in great shape. We will also go through the sax once more when it sells to ensure it arrives in perfect playing condition.