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Outrageous Player! Selmer Paris Reference 36 Tenor Sax in Gold Lacquer, Serial #630106

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Product ID: 630106Ref36Ten


HELP, I Want One!

Reference 36 – High F#
The sentence you want to hear the most if you are looking at a used modern Selmer is something like “My Selmer plays circles around those ten thousand dollar vintage horns”. And that is definitely what you will say after playing this used Reference tenor. It takes the air in quick and easy and has a rich full resonating response. The character of the sound is warm and leans towards the darker end of the color spectrum. Projection is outstanding allowing a crystal clear pronunciation of every single note. This is hands down one of the best playing saxophones we currently have in the Saxquest shop. 
Cosmetically this is not the prettiest horn around. Its original gold lacquer finish is in nice 95ish percent. It does show some cosmetic wear around the major touch points and standard speckled finish wear you see on any horn that has received a decent amount of play time. There is no history of past repair to the body on this sax. Its bell, body and bow are all in great original condition. The bow cap and bell flare are perfect. The saxophone also includes the original neck in original condition, it has never been pulled down. 
This saxophone is currently in the Saxquest shop being professionally set-up. The techs are going to take this horn completely apart, clean it, replace some of the upper stack pads and all of the cork and felt work. It will soon be in perfect playing condition. This saxophone does include the original Selmer Euro style Reference wood hard case. 
As far as play ability goes this tenor is absolutely spectacular. If you are looking for a killin pro Selmer  while saving considerable money vs buying a new Selmer or a vintage Mark VI/SBA. Do not miss out on this one.