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ORIGINAL Silver Plated CG Conn New Wonder Curved Soprano Sax - Serial # 64215

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Product ID: 64215ConnCurvedSop


HELP, I Want One!

Great Price on a Beautiful Vintage Conn

Here is a beautiful, recently restored CG Conn New Wonder curved soprano sax, serial number 64215. The serial number dates this sax to 1921, and it is in tremendous shape. With original silver plating at 99%+, it is indeed a looker.


This sax features a matte silver plated body, with burnished silver plated keywork. It does feature modern keywork up to high F, and feels comfortable under your fingers. The action is crisp and fluid. The sax shows no major past dent work in the body, bow, or bell, and only minor past work in the attached neck, done so well that you miss it unless you look very closely. It was repadded awhile back and the pads are still in excellent shape with years of life left in them. We are selling it “as is” only because the work was not done in our shop, but it is good work. There are some minor leaks in the bottom end that can stand to be sealed up, but overall it is playing well.


This soprano is a lot of fun to play too. It plays with a melodic, pure voice, and offers excellent control to the player. It is warm and centered and has just the right amount of edge. For lovers of curved sopranos, this is a fantastic option at a great price. Ships in its original case.