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Original Silver Plated CG Conn 'Naked Lady' 6M VIII Alto Sax - Serial # 279194

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Product ID: 279194Conn6M


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Here's a cool old CG Conn 6M alto sax, serial number 279194. This is one of the more highly desired VIII stamped horns, which always seem to play a notch better than the “standard” 6M's of the day. It is also in original silver plate, a somewhat rare find for a Conn of this vintage.


The serial number dates this sax to 1937. While the silver plating does show wear on the keys and usual touch points, it is original and has never been replated or relacquered. These saxes are often called the “naked lady” model because of the engraving on the bell, and the name has stuck through the years. This sax comes complete with its original neck, with the matching VIII stamping. The neck has the double socket receiver, underslung octave key, and microtuner mechanism.


The sax is very straight physically. There are couple minor pings in the bottom bow, but no serious damages and no evident past repairs, including no resolders that I see. The original rolled tone holes have never been filed on. Pads are all in very good shape, fitted with brown plastic resonators, but when we received the sax there were some leaks and the keywork was a bit “clicky” due to missing key corks and felts. We are in the process of giving this sax our full professional setup. We'll reseat all the pads, replacing any that are starting to age, as well as all of the adjustment corks. With our precise regulation, it will ship to you in perfect playing shape, good for years to come.


This is a tremendous horn for the serious player on a budget. The silver plating definitely warms its sound and it is as sweet as it gets.