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Original Silver Plated CG Conn CHU BERRY Curved Soprano Sax - Serial # 227605

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Product ID: 227605ConnSop


HELP, I Want One!

Comes w/ Fresh Saxquest Overhaul

This is a beautiful original condition C. G. Conn "Chu Berry" vintage curved soprano sax, serial number 227605. This soprano looks fantastic and is in line for our full restoration. It will ship in perfect regulation and ready for a whole new lease on life.

As you can see in the photos, this horn is clean from top to bottom. The original matte silver plating is about 95% intact, with one minor wear spot on the bottom bow and some light finish wear on a couple touch points. The original gold wash inside the bell looks great too. The sax shows no history of dents or damage repairs, and the rolled tone holes have never been filed on.

Though it is very clean looking, this soprano came to us in older pads, so we are in the process of completely restoring this horn with all new pads, corks, and felts. We'll adjust it out as well, and make sure it is perfect for its new home.

This is a real sweet horn, and is a great option for lovers of the vintage American soprano saxes. The curved horns are just a blast to play! Ships in its original case.