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Original Lacquer THE MARTIN TENOR Saxophone - Serial # 178809

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Product ID: 178809MartinTenor


HELP, I Want One!

Newer pads, coming with pro Saxquest set up

This is a really nice, all original lacquer Martin Committee “The Martin Tenor” sax, serial number 178809. This horn looks fantastic with only light specklish kind of wear. It hasn't seen a ton of playing in its life, and remains in fantastic shape.


The original lacquer looks great on this horn, and stands around 85% or so. There are no big wear areas, just normal spotty wear and scratching. The sax had a few minor dings and dimples, mostly in the bottom bow area, when we received it, but we are going to take all of those out before the sax ships. We will also regulate the tenor throughout. The pads are newer and sealing great, but we are going to replace the key adjustment corks and felts and make sure it feels perfect.


These last Martin Committee horns, especially the early 1950's models like this one, are always nice players. They are extremely versatile, almost Selmer-esque in the way it excels in a wide variety of musical styles. Free blowing and resonant, with an open feel and strong core, and plenty of projection, it is a great tenor for the player on a budget.