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Original Gold Plated Buescher True Tone Alto Saxophone - Serial # 253398

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Product ID: 253398BuescherAlto


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Updated Keywork with Front F

This is a beautiful condition original gold plated Buescher True Tone alto sax, serial number 253398. This alto dates way back to 1929, but you'd never know it by how nice it looks. Approaching 90 years old, it is still in great shape, and with a recent restoration is a fine player too.


This alto shows excellent original gold plate coverage, with mostly only light finish wear from honest use. There are a couple spots where the gold has worn to the silver underneath, and a other minor finish wear on the usual touch points like on the thumb rest. The sax shows no history of major past damage or repair; the tube is straight, and the bottom bow and bell flare are perfect. I see no resolders anywhere. The sax does come with its original neck one star (*) neck, which is also in excellent condition. Being a later vintage True Tone, it does feature a front F key which is a great addition.


This sax was recently completely overhauled, and comes in all new pads fitted with the original Buescher metal snap-in resonators. The keywork has been set up well and feels fluid under your fingers. The alto plays with a very sweet, sonorous tone, with a fast response and good control. If you are looking for pure tone on a vintage sax, it doesn't come much cleaner than this, and it is easy to see why these old Bueschers were so popular among the classical saxophone circles. A very fine player.