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NICE! Yanagisawa 992 Pink Gold Plate Alto Sax, Serial #00266309

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Product ID: 00266309Yani992PGPAlt


HELP, I Want One!

Pink Gold Plate
This is a nice Yanagisawa 992 PG alto saxophone, serial number 00266309. The previous owner professionally maintained and played this instrument and it is in great shape. It has been freshly serviced in our shop and professionally set-up. The alto now features a clean look to its pink gold plated finish and has been precisely regulated from top to bottom. This sax is now in perfect playing condition. 
The 992 series is considered to be the elite class of Yanagisawa saxophones and this pink gold plated model is even another step up from there. These saxophones feature double arms on the low C and B keys for improved low end response, high F# key, adjustable key buffers and under slung neck octave key. 
This one is a particularly nice player with a deep full resonating core sound. Regarding color the horn is on the darker side. The clarity and projection of this saxophone is quite exceptional. The physical body of the sax is in great shape and it shows no history of repair and no re-solders. Its original neck is also in perfect condition.
The current WO series equivalent to this sax is on the expensive side so this is a great way to get into one at a low price. Don't miss out on a world class alto. 

This Pink Gold Plated instrument is truly a luxurious affair, with the rose-colored gold adding extra depth to the timbre