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NEW OLD STOCK Hard Rubber Woodwind SparkleAire Bass Sax Mouthpiece

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Product ID: WWSpAireB4Bass830


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In Original Box

We were fortunate to come across an unused vintage Woodwind Steel Ebonite bass mouthpiece. This mouthpiece is "new old stock" and has not seen the light of day for the past 50+ years. It is absolutely brand new and unused. The mouthpiece is made of high grade vintage hard rubber. The tip and rails are even and the table is flat, with tip measuring .060”.


This piece has a fairly wide open chamber similar to an Otto Link in chamber dimensions. The mouthpiece has an overall dark sonic character and a fast response.


This is a similar mouthpiece, for bari sax, that Harry Carney used during his 40+ year stint with the Duke Ellington Orchestra as can be seen in nearly all of his playing photos. It is a versatile piece and would certainly make a great jazz mouthpiece for either small group or big band playing or solo work.