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Mint! Vintage Selmer Paris Super Balanced Action Original Silver Plate Soprano Sax, Serial #54642

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Product ID: 54642SelSilvSop


HELP, I Want One!

Minty Silver SBA Soprano
This is a stunning original silver Selmer Paris Super Balanced Action soprano sax, serial number 54642. We just finished overhauling it in our shop and it is now looking and playing like a dream. The re-pad included all new leather Valentino Premium pads, metal domed resonators, new corks, felts and highly precise key fitting and regulation. If you are looking for a smooth player you are going to be hard pressed to beat this one. 
Physically this saxophone is in stunning original condition. The original silver plate finish is absolutely pristine. It has never seen any major repairs and has received zero re-solders. The body tube and upper neck area are in outstanding condition. All of the key pearls even still have a crisp fresh feel to them. 
The professional overhaul really put the horn into top notch playing condition. It is very noticeable both in the way it plays and the way it feels. The key action is ultra fluid from top to bottom allowing for a smooth and comfortable ergonomic experience. Sound response is immediate. The horn takes the air in quick and is extremely free blowing. Its silver finish gives the horn a nice warm center but it is by no means an overly dark horn. The sonic character of the soprano has an ultra rich voice which sings out beautifully.  Projection and balance on this saxophone are also outstanding. 
We are currently in the process of doing more play testing on this instrument and will have a video available shortly. Please stay tuned for the video and more info.