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MINT Condition Yamaha YTS-62 Tenor Saxophone - Serial # 049505

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Product ID: 049505Yamaha62Tenor


HELP, I Want One!

LOW Price on a Pristine YTS-62 II

This is a dead mint condition Yamaha YTS-62 tenor sax, serial number 049505. This is a professional level second series 62. By the looks of it, this tenor has only seen a few hours of play time over its entire life, and is available for a great price considering its condition.


This tenor is absolutely stunning. I can say with confidence that the original lacquer is 100% intact. You'd be hard pressed to find more than a light scuff on the lacquer anywhere on this horn. It goes without saying that there are no dents or dings, no previous repairs. The bell flare, bottom bow, and original neck are all perfect. Original pads still have lots of life left in them and will serve for years to come. The sax is in its original case, also in like-new condition, with original vinyl case cover.


Looks are great, but a sax has to play too, and this tenor does not disappoint. Extremely free blowing, extremely responsive, this is a very fun horn to play. I find it to be slightly brighter on a standard mouthpiece, with decent edge and power. This offers a lot of versatility, if you wanted to get a darker mouthpiece for chamber work or a brighter, more modern piece for those gigs where you need to play loud. This is the complete package for the advancing player looking for a professional horn without breaking the bank.