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Mint Condition MacSax FJ-III Metal 8* Tenor Sax Mouthpiece in Original Box

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Product ID: MacSaxFJIII8STenor323


HELP, I Want One!

Lightly Used Store Demo at a Great Price

This is a mint condition metal MacSax FJIII mouthpiece for the tenor sax. This piece has been on the shelf for a bit, and with the new stamping on these pieces out now, we have decided to let this one go for a greatly reduced price. It is in new condition and has only been lightly play tested in the shop. The piece is stamped an 8* and measures right at .115”. This is a very free blowing mouthpiece with a lot of power and a tight edge that cuts well. It plays with a warm colorful tone but with a lot of power to back it up. Comes with matching Rovner ligature and cap set, and in its original box.