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Lovely and Rare! Keilwerth Nickel Silver Plate SX90R Alto Saxophone, 100723

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Product ID: 100723KeilSX90RAlt


HELP, I Want One!

Nickel Silver SX90R
This is a very cool and hard to come by SX90R alto sax, serial number 100723. The all nickel silver body with gold lacquered keys is a unique finish combination and is no longer offered by the modern Keilwerths. This one in particular was previously owned by a pro player and has seen a decent amount of play in its life but is in great condition. It came to us on the original pads which are past their prime so it is currently awaiting a complete re-pad in the Saxquest shop. The re-pad will include all new leather Valentino pads with seamless metal resonators, new corks, felts and a complete key regulation. This alto will soon be in perfect playing condition. 
The SX90R features a number of excellent features including adjustable palm keys, rolled tone holes, high F# and a double arm non stick G# key. This particular alto is in great shape physically. The body tube, bow and bow cap are in great shape. There is currently a slight pull down on the bell flare of the instrument. We will bring this back to its true position as part of the Saxquest overhaul. 
As a player this alto is simply one very burning player. The nickel silver seems to give the horn a more intense depth to the character of its sound. Projection and the volume you can easily play this horn at is incredible. The balance and control on this saxophone is exceptional. If you are looking for versatile alto with plenty of power you will not want to miss out on this awesome playing Keilwerh SX90R.