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Late 60's Vintage Selmer Mark VI Tenor w/ High F#, Original Lacquer - Serial # 172250

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Product ID: 172250MarkVITenor


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Recent Pad Job & Fresh Saxquest Pro Set Up

This is a late 60's vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI tenor saxophone, serial number 172250. This tenor shows some character as we like to say, with much of the original lacquer worn, but the sax has never been relacquered and despite the cosmetic wear, it is in tremendous physical condition and is a fantastic player.


This is a classic example of looks can be deceiving. This Mark VI shows a fair amount of lacquer wear, but it has obviously never been abused. In fact I see no evidence of any past dent work or repair, and that includes no resolder work even on any of the keyguards. The original neck has never been pulled down and the keywork remains tight and crisp. This tenor does feature keywork to high F# and is solid top to bottom.


Having been repadded in just the last couple years, all of the pads, fitted with metal domed resonators, are in excellent shape and have years of life ahead of them. We will go through this tenor before it ships and give it our full pro set up. We'll replace all of the key adjustment corks and felts with better synthetic material, and adjust out the key heights for optimal response.


During play testing, I found this tenor to be especially big sounding. Response is lightning fast and it has a nice edge that cuts well. The bottom end is fat, and the upper range and altissimo just explode out of the horn. I wouldn't call it bright, but it definitely presents a powerful quality. A good player's horn.