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Immaculate! Bronze Yanagisawa SC-992 Curved Soprano Sax - Serial # 00260132

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Product ID: 00260132Yani992Sop


HELP, I Want One!

Pristine Shape!

This is a mint, outstanding condition bronze series Yanagisawa SC-992 curved soprano sax, serial number 00260132. Long considered one of the best, this soprano is an excellent find for those players who prefer the sound and feel of a curved soprano. And they don't come much nicer than this one.


Physically, this soprano is close to perfect. There are a few very fine cosmetic surface scratches if you really look closely, but really no major wear of note. It has been extremely well cared for in its short life so far. Lacquer is perfect with no wear, and there are no dents, dings, or resolders anywhere. The original neck is also perfect. All of the pads are still like-new and sealing wonderfully.


I've always really liked a good curved soprano. Because the bell is curved like an alto or tenor, and the sound is coming back to you in a similar way, it sounds more like a sax, especially if you don't spend much time on soprano as it is. The keywork is crisp and tight, and action is quick and smooth. It ships in its original case, also in pristine shape.