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Hard Rubber Bunte '42' Tenor Sax Mouthpiece in a 7* Facing

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Product ID: Bunte42104Tenor


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Pristine Original Condition

This is a very lightly used James Bunte “42” model tenor sax mouthpiece. No longer in production, these are very popular mouthpieces and you don't see them very often. This example is a 7*, measuring .104”. Physically it shows little wear, just some very fine cosmetic scuffs and scrapes. These pieces play with an impressive warm sonority, rich in color and overtones. The projection of the 42 is also quite exceptional due to the quality of the inner baffle and chamber. They are built with modern, reed friendly facings, medium-large chambers and a hand finished baffle for improved projection. In comparison to the Otto Link hard rubber mouthpieces the inner chamber of the 42 is just a little bit smaller to allow for improved control and sonic clarity. The hand finished baffle of the 42 is inspired by the clam shell baffle you see on the late Florida and Early Babbitt vintage Otto Link mouthpieces.