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Handmade David Guardala Branford Marsalis Model .120

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Product ID: GuardTenBranTen7196


HELP, I Want One!

This is the Branford Marsalis Handmade mouthpiece for tenor sax by David Guardala, serial number 564. It is in great shape around the outer body. The piece shows off a clean shank and beak with original bite plate. The Branford model is constructed with a medium long baffle and a steep drop back leading into the throat. As a player this is a very free blowing and robust sound piece. It is on the brighter side but is not as extreme as the Studio or the Brecker II model.

The original facing profile is in good shape and sports a very clean table. Its side rails and tip are also in very nice shape showing just a few cosmetic imperfections. The tip opening measures out at .120". Please stay tuned for more pictures and a video.