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Great Original Lacquer Conn 6M VIII 'Naked Lady' Alto Sax - Serial # 282467

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Product ID: 282467ConnAlto


HELP, I Want One!

LOW PRICE on a Tremendous Playing 6M VIII

This is a sweet 1937 vintage C.G. Conn 6M alto sax in beautiful original lacquer, serial number 282467. This is one of the more sought-after VIII horns, which for whatever reason always seem to be a notch above the rest. Often known as the “Naked Lady” models because of the engraving on the bell, these are serious professional horns that can be had for a great price.


The original lacquer on this alto is a solid 85% coverage, with wear mostly on the touch points and around the engraving, as is seen so commonly on these old Conns. The sax has a couple little dings here and there, including a dent right on the bottom bow cap as seen in the photos. Nothing too bad, and I see no serious past damages or repairs. The horn has obviously not see a whole lot of playing in its life.


This model features rolled tone holes, improved table keys, and trill G#. The original neck (with matching VIII stamp) has a double socket receiver, underslung octave key, and microtuner mechanism, which is in perfect working order.


This sax is currently playing very well on older pads, fitted with metal resonators. A few have been replaced as needed recently. We have made the decision to see this one as-is at a greatly reduced price. Pads will probably hold up for awhile still before needing to be replaced, so if you are looking for a solid performer on a budget, this sax is worth serious consideration. It is a free blowing alto with a lightning fast response, and the right balance of warmth and edge. Ships in its original case.