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Gorgeous Selmer Paris Series III Alto Sax, Serial #620041

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Product ID: 620041SelmerSIIIAlt


HELP, I Want One!

Beautiful Series III Alto, Great Price

This is a beautiful condition Selmer Paris Series III alto sax, serial number 620041. This horn looks incredible, is a real beauty. It has been extremely well cared for and is as nice as you will find for a used horn.


The original lacquer is a solid 99% intact. There is some minor surface scratching here and there on the bell and on the back of the horn, and some minor wear on a couple touch points, that's it. No dents or dings, no past repairs. The original neck has never been pulled down or damaged. All of the original pads are still in excellent shape, and good to go for a long time to come. This sax will go through our repair shop before shipping, to get our complete professional set up. We'll re-adjust throughout and replace any aging material.


This alto plays with a strong focus and warm tone, and is free blowing while retaining a solid core. While definitely warm, it isn't overly dark, allowing you to be versatile in a wide range of settings. As the new price on these horns continues to climb, the used ones, especially when they are as nice as this one is, looks ever more attractive. Comes in its original wood Vanguard case with leather case cover.