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EXCEPTIONAL!! Original Lacquer Selmer Paris Mark VI Tenor Sax, Serial #66410 – High F#

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Product ID: 66410MarkVITen


HELP, I Want One!

Vintage Mark VI - High F#
This is a beautiful Selmer Mark Mark VI Tenor Sax, serial #66410. It has 95+% original lacquer with very minimal play wear for an instrument of its vintage. There have been NO repairs on this tenor including absolutely NO re-solders. All of the key guard feet are still in perfect original condition. The bell flare, body tube bow and bow cap are also all in pristine condition as well. This saxophone is keyed up to high F#. The high F# is rather rare on these instruments as it was a special order feature at the time they were manufactured.
The original neck on the tenor is in just as nice condition as the body. It does feature the matching serial number stamp and is physically in stellar shape. The neck has never been pulled down. Another very cool mentionable is the fact this neck still has some red inking left around the Selmer insignia. 
With an uncanny response to air flow and a precise timbre balance from top to bottom this tenor is a hands down a world class player. The sound is on the darker side but with tons of resonance and a quick response. The sonic character of the instrument showcases an absolutely beautiful singing quality. As you would expect from any great Selmer the keys work feels spectacular under the fingers. Because the instrument was so well maintained in the past the key pearls even have a crisp feel to them. 
This sax has a nice set of premium leather pads and seamless metal resonators. It came to us with a professional set-up from another shop playing like an absolute monster. We are going to check the horn out in our shop as well to ensure it arrives to you in perfect playing condition. These saxophones rarely are found in this kind of condition. If you are looking for a real gem you will not want to pass up on this Mark VI.