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Freshly Overhauled Original Lacquer Selmer Mark VI Bari Sax - Serial # 173658

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Product ID: 173658MarkVIBari


HELP, I Want One!

Full Rebuild in the Saxquest Shop

This is a fantastic vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI bari sax in original lacquer, serial number 173658. The serial number dates this sax to 1969, right in a very good serial number range for bari sax lovers. These horns in this range always play phenomenally, and this one is no different.


This bari really is a monster. It plays with a fast response, and feels effortless with an extremely quick, tight action. It has a warm core, and projection is outstanding, and it really gets up there easily! If you are looking for a fat sound, it doesn't get any bigger!


We just restored this bari in the Saxquest shop. It needed quite a bit of work when we got it, but it all came out great. We unsoldered and completely disassembled the upper crook, and removed all past dings and dimples there, as well as in the bottom bow and bell flare. This was a project of love to restore this sax properly, and it was all worth it in the end. Along with the restoration, we replaced all of the pads and material, using original style brown plastic resonators. It feels like a new horn under your fingers. The lacquer shows a decent amount of wear, but it is completely original. Has its original neck too!


A lot of saxophonists are looking for a resonant, easy blowing bari, and this is one of the finest players we've come across in quite awhile. If you are looking for a solid, fully rebuilt horn that will last, this is one to consider.