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Florida Vintage DOUBLE LINE Otto Link Metal 7* Tenor Sax Mouthpiece Serial # K4

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Product ID: K4OLinkSTM3Tenor


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Opened by Erik Greiffenhagen to .105

This is a solid metal Otto Link Super Tone Master from the Florida vintage, serial number K4. This tenor sax mouthpiece has the double-lines on the shank, signifying the earlier Florida days. Originally stamped a 3, this piece has been opened by Erik Greiffenhagen, measuring now closer to a 7* at .105”. The work on the tip and rails is clean and has an original-like look to it. There is mild finish wear to the piece as to be expected for its age, but it looks fantastic. The bite plate is good, and the piece has a subtle baffle which really seems to open up its sound, while staying dark and full.