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Florida Otto Link Super Tone Master Custom 7 Tenor Sax Mouthpiece - Serial # T49

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Product ID: T49FLOLink4SBP105TenorPG


HELP, I Want One!

Powell & Drake Refaced
This is a very nice playing Florida vintage Otto Link Super Tone Master, serial number. The mouthpiece was originally stamped a 4* and was more recently professionally opened. First by Brain Powell to .105 and later slimmed down by Eric Drake to a 7 at .100". The physical body of the piece is in nice shape top to bottom. Its black bite plate also looks really nice. The facing profile looks clean and pristine thanks to the great pro work that has been done. 
As a player this mouthpiece has a warmer sonic character with a crystal clear projecting voice. Just like you want on any good Link it has a very intense quality to it  and is extremely colorful. Austin gave it a play in this video and was loving it. Do not miss out on this great playing Super Tone Master.