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First Series Pearl Side Key King Super 20 Tenor Sax - Serial # 290309

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Product ID: 290309Super20Tenor


HELP, I Want One!

Going to ship with FULL Saxquest Overhaul

This is an outstanding 1947 vintage King Super 20 tenor sax, serial number 290309. This is one of the first series of Super 20 tenors, featuring mother-of-pearl inlay on nearly all of the touch points, sunburst engraving on all the bell and bottom bow key cups, and the double socket sterling silver neck with underslung octave key. This tenor is currently in the Saxquest repair shop and will come out a monster horn.


This tenor is probably the very best factory relacquered horn we've ever seen. When you first see it, you think it is original, and it would probably fool 99% of the sax players out there, but there are just a couple small spots where the engraving is just ever-so-slightly fainter. Definitely the best job you will ever see. All the rest of the engraving is crisp and perfect, the sax was obviously not buffed hard during the relacquer.


When we got this horn, it needed some love, so it is currently in the Saxquest shop getting our full restoration. There are a smattering of minor dings and dimples in the bottom bow, which we will smooth out. We'll replace all of the pads/corks/felts throughout, as well as any aging springs. We'll clean it top to bottom, and give it our pro set up, optimizing the spring tensions and key heights. This is going to be a beast of a horn when we are finished.


I played this tenor quite a bit before it went it to shop, and all I can say is I'm impressed. It plays with a very fast response and it gets loud quickly. There were some leaks in the bottom I had to blow past and even so it stays full down into the bell keys. I can't wait to play it once our overhaul is complete, this will be a phenomenal horn. Stay tuned for a video when the work is complete.