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Fantastic! Ted Klum Classic HR 7* Soprano Sax Mouthpiece

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Product ID: TKClassSopHR7sSM


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Ted Klum Classic for Soprano
This is an outstanding Ted Klum Classic HR 7* mouthpiece for soprano saxophone. The Classic is constructed from German Bar stock rubber and is designed in the spirit of the round chamber soloist mouthpieces. This piece in particular has a warm sonic center and is extremely colorful. Ted Klum crafts some of the finest mouthpieces being made today. If you are looking for something with plenty of control and ease of play this piece is perfect. The precise profile of the floor and baffle below the tip makes it very easy to project and sing out on. 
The body of the piece is in great shape. It looks like it was very carefully maintained by the previous owner. The condition of the profile, table and rails is in pristine original condition. 
The tip opening of this mouthpiece is .062"