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Fantastic Selmer Paris Super Action 80 Tenor Sax in Original Paris Case - Serial # 370501

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Product ID: 370501SelmerS80Tenor


HELP, I Want One!

Coming with Fresh Saxquest Adjustment

Here's a fantastic 1985 vintage Selmer Super Action 80 tenor sax, serial number 370501. This tenor has honestly spent nearly all of its life inside its case and if not for some acid bleed that has popped up over time, would be in mint condition. Still, it is physically perfect and will come with a fresh Saxquest set up and adjustment.


This is a one-owner horn, who purchased the sax new in Paris, which explains the original French style case. Unfortunately he didn't get the use out of it he was hoping for, and it spent the better part of the last 30 years inside its case. It has some weird wear mostly on the back side of the body tube as seen in the photos, also on those keys on the back of the horn as well. The front side of the sax is picture perfect. The instrument also shows no dents or past resolders. The bell flare is slightly bent in one spot, but that will be seamlessly corrected in our shop before it ships. The original neck is flawless, with even all of the blue paint still intact around the “S” of the octave key.


This tenor came to us in all original pads, and honestly the lower stack is still in perfect shape, soft and sealing and still with lots of life left in them. We are going to go ahead and replace the upper stack pads and all of the cork and felt material, and the sax will come with our full warranty and set up perfectly.


The first series Super Action 80 horns don't have the prestige of a Mark VI or huge following of a Series II, but that just means they can be had for bargain prices like this example. It is hard to pass up such a nice Selmer Paris for around $3000. This tenor plays with a full, warm voice, with excellent control and outstanding intonation. It offers the player just a slight resistance to give you something to push against. A great find for the advancing player looking for a Selmer on a budget.