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Exquisite! Original Gold Plated Holton Rudy Wiedoeft Model, Serial #33772

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Classic Holton Alto - Wiedoeft Gold Plate
This is a vintage Holton Rudy Wiedoeft model alto sax in original gold plate, serial number 33772. Talk about a very cool instrument.  These Wiedoeft horns were made in the late 20's and early 30's and are quite rare. This one is particular cool because its shows off original gold plating in outstanding condition. The Wiedoeft model  also features a high trill Eb key, trill G# and also has an addition resonance key on the bow. This sax also includes the original neck in good condition. 
The body of the alto is in great shape with no history of re-solders or other major repair.  A few small dings have been removed from it in the past but nothing to serious.  There is just a few very small and hard to see dings currently around the bow area.  The bow cap, body tube, bell and bell flare are all in terrific original condition. 
This alto is currently with some fairly old pads and will need a re-pad before it is ready for a lot of serious playing.  It is currently playing down to a low Bb and is playing some but would need a re-pad before you did to much serious playing on it.  Because of the rare quality of the instrument and the great shape its in we are currently offering it in as is condition in order to pass along the savings.