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David Guardala MBII Lazer Trimmed Mouthpiece for Tenor Sax .115”

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Product ID: GuardMBIILTTen817ZM


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Guardala MBII LT
This is an outstanding David Guardala MB II (Michael Brecker) “Lazer Trimmed” metal mouthpiece for tenor sax. The MB II smooth drop down chamber with a fairly high baffle floor. The larger inner bore of the piece and the baffle configuration allow for this piece to be played with a big sound and plenty of projection. Because of the higher baffle the piece is on the brighter side of things but is not quite as bright as the Studio and King models.
The mouthpiece is in outstanding physical condition from top to bottom. Its original clear bite plate is also in excellent shape. The profile of the table, side rails and tip rail is very clean. The mouthpiece has never been refaced or worked on and features its original tip opening of .115”
These pieces are perfect for the versatile contemporary tenor player looking to play clearly with control in loud musical settings. The MBII works great in R&B, contemporary, fusion, jazz and rock and roll.