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David Guardala King R&B Gold Plated Lazer Trimmed Mouthpiece for Tenor Sax .115”

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Product ID: DguardKingTen91


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Bright Player – Plenty of Power
This is a very fierce David Guardala King R&B gold plated lazer trimmed for tenor sax. The mouthpiece includes the original box and cap/lig set. It shows some light play wear but nothing serious. The facing profile of the table, tip and rails are excellent. 
The King is built with a bullet chamber and a high floor. These models are easily one of the brighter playing pieces you will find anywhere. They are specificity designed for players specializing in loud bands for R&B and Rock. The gold plated models tend to be a little bit richer in sound in direct comparison to the silver models. If you are looking for a strong power player and are in a loud contemporary band these pieces can do the trick in a hurry. 
The tip opening of the mouthpiece measures .115”