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'Coltrane' Vintage Selmer Super Balanced Action Tenor Sax - Serial # 40139

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Product ID: 40139SBATenor


HELP, I Want One!

Comes with a Premium Overhaul

This is a beautiful, “John Coltrane” vintage Selmer Super Super Balanced Action tenor sax, serial number 40139. This tenor dates to 1949 and is in tremendous shape. To top it off, it is a fantastic player too, and ready for a new owner to keep it going.


This tenor looks incredible, with a nice aged patina to the lacquer. It appears to have been relacquered long ago, and done extremely well, mostly likely at the factory. The engraving is crisp and detailed with no evidence of buffing, and is only lightly fainter down on the bottom bow. The only past repair I can find is the low Eb key post was once pushed in slightly. It has been brought back out and resoldered. I see no other past repairs on the horn. The original neck has the matching serial number, and it has never been pulled down.


This tenor was recently fully overhauled in The Boston Sax Shop by Jack Finucane. He used premium firm leather pads and large oversized metal resonators. The sax has a crisp, lighter key action and feels effortless under your fingers. The key heights are set just right and everything is sealing perfectly.


There's not much that can compete with a premium SBA tenor when it is set up right, and this one is in the perfect serial number range too. It plays with a full, powerful voice, and can fill up a room with ease, but can be soft and emotive too. It really does it all. A truly effortless player, and the perfect sax for the truly discerning professional.