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Cannonball Gerald Albright Signature Alto Sax in Black Nickel Plate - Serial # 149416

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Product ID: 149416CBallGAAlto


HELP, I Want One!

With Fresh Saxquest Setup

This is a beautiful Cannonball Gerald Albright Signature Series alto sax, serial number 149416. This alto has been on display and play tested, but never shipped anywhere and is in pristine, new condition. It has a striking look to it and is a great player to boot.


The Cannonball Albright horns are fantastic professional saxes. This alto features beautiful black nick plated body and bell. Like all new professional Cannonballs, it comes with two necks, in this case, one in black nickel plate and the other in silver with underslung octave key. The sax is an offshoot of the Big Bell Stone Series, and so has semi-precious stones on many of the touch points. Keywork is tight and crisp feeling, and very comfortable under your hands.


This alto plays with a slightly brighter color, with excellent projection and resonance. It has a good centered punch which carries well. The set comes complete with original case, and the sax will ship with the Saxquest setup.