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Beautiful! Vintage Gold Plated Martin Handcraft Committe Skyline Alto Saxophone, Serial #114788

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Product ID: 114788MartinGPSkyAlt


HELP, I Want One!

Incredibly Rich Sound
This is an absolutely fabulous American vintage alto sax.  Original gold plated Martin Skyline, serial number 114788. On a horn that looks this good it is typical to spend time first talking about how great of condition it is in.  However after spending only a few minutes playing it I am completely blown away by its lush timbre.  Its takes the air in easy and has a warm voice which projects with incredible clarity. Like other Martin saxophones of its vintage the construction features beveled tone holes.
The gold plated Skyline is an extremely rare saxophone and it is a real treat to have one come through the shop in such lovely shape. There is no history of repair on the body and no re-solders. Its bell flare, body tube, bow and bow cap are all in original condition.  The original neck is with the sax is also in perfect condition. The alto features leather pads with metal resonators in very good condition. Saxquest is currently in the process of putting our professional set-up on this sax.  It ships in perfect playing condition.
Martin saxophones from this period showcase some of the most beautiful engraving seen on instruments of the 1930's. The engraving of the city skyline and bald eagle is simply gorgeous. A perfect illustration of American craftsmanship at its finest.