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BEAUTIFUL Vintage Buescher Bb Soprano Sax in Original Satin Gold Plate - Serial # 238148

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Product ID: 238148BuescherSop


HELP, I Want One!

Comes Fully Repadded from the Saxquest Shop

Here is an extremely nice, exquisite example of a late vintage Buescher True Tone series soprano sax in original gold plate, serial number 238148. This horn dates to 1928, and being a later vintage True Tone, it features improved keywork to high F. It is really in incredible shape too!

The horn looks like it spend most of its life in its case. The original gold plating is 98%+ intact. There is some minor pitting on the back side of the tube, but no serious finish wear even on the touch points. There are absolutely no dents or dings anywhere. All of the original snap-in metal resonators are still included, though the springs have been replaced at some point with modern blue-needle. The instrument does not have its original case, but does come in a great vintage Conn case that fits it well, and is in solid shape.

This soprano came to us in older pads, and is currently in our repair shop in line for a full restoration. We'll clean it properly to remove the tarnish and shine it up like new. Then we'll replace all of the pads (retaining the original resos), corks, and felts throughout. Finally, it'll get our custom pro set up, making sure all the key heights and spring tensions are just right.

This is a fun soprano to play. It has a definite warmer texture to its sound, but stays open and has a free feeling. It will play even better once we have it repadded! A great horn if you are looking for a darker, enveloping tone.