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Beautiful Original Lacquer Vintage King H.N. White Super 20 Tenor Sax, Serial #352145

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Product ID: 352145Kingsuper20Ten


HELP, I Want One!

This is a gorgeous original Lacquer King H.N. White Super 20, Cleveland Oh, serial number 352145. Rarely do you ever see such a nice original lacquer King. This sax is in fabulous original condition and has no history of repair. The body is terrific shape showing off a perfect body tube, bow, bell, neck and key work. Its neck and side keys also still have the original gold spray on them. The bell keys also show off the classic sunburst engraving pattern on them. There is absolutely no history of any dent or solder work on this instrument. 
As a player the Super 20 is quite an exceptional instrument. It has a full and powerful sound with lots of brilliance. The tenor takes the air in very fast with plenty of ease and has a great feel as well. The projection and physical size of the sound on this tenor is notably tremendous. This tenor came into the shop on original pads. In order to fully do the tenor justice it is currently in the Saxquest shop awaiting a complete professional overhaul. The Saxquest professional overhaul includes all new premium Valentino pads, metal resonators, new corks, felts and a extremely though key regulation. It will soon be in perfect playing condition.
Before we put the saxophone in line for the pad work in the shop we had Austin do a quick video of it. Please stay tuned for a video and more info. 
The tenor was still playing enough for Austin to do a quick video of it before it went into the shop. Please stay tuned for a video and more information.