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Beautiful H Couf Superba I Alto Sax w/ Rolled Tone Holes - Serial # 84465

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Product ID: 84465CoufSIAlto


HELP, I Want One!

Factory Restored Keilwerth-produced Couf Alto

This is a really beautiful vintage H. Couf Superba I series alto sax, serial number 84465. This instrument is in truly amazing condition. It looks to have been factory relacquered at some point in its life, and done extremely well. It is the nicest job I have ever seen.


As you can see in the photos, this alto looks incredible. There is some scratching on the bottom bow and couple other spots, but no major lacquer wear. When I first saw the sax I thought it was original, but there are just a couple spots where the engraving is a hair fainter, evidence of minor buffing during a relacquer. Except for those 2 spots, the engraving is deep and detailed, so the work was obviously done very well. The rolled tone holes are also all in great shape, with just a couple in the upper tube showing spots of light filing.


Pads are all in great shape, and we are in the process of going through this sax in our shop and regulating it with our pro set up. We will replace any aging material and reseal all of the pads too. Once finished, it will ship in perfect adjustment and backed by our full year warranty.


Sonically, this alto plays with a full, powerful voice, as you'd expect from a Keilwerth-made instrument. It is extremely powerful and as fat as they get, while keeping a warm and colorful tone. This is a deal at this price, and should sell quickly. Comes in its original case, and even the case is in mint condition.