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Beautiful Buescher Aristocrat Alto Sax - Black Roo Pad Job - Serial # 337197

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Product ID: 337197AristocratAlto


HELP, I Want One!

Pro Pad Job w/ Original Resonators

This is a fantastic later vintage Buescher Aristocrat alto sax, serial number 337197. The serial number dates this alto to 1951, made just after the “Big B” models. Though the engraving is different, the keywork and body tube is just like the Big B, and this is a great alto for the price.


The photos tell the tale on this one. The sax is in beautiful original lacquer, a solid 90-95% intact. The cosmetic lacquer wear is mostly on a few keys in the upper stack. The sax shows no history of dent work or repair. It has recently been professionally overhauled using premium black roo pads and the original snap-in metal domed resonators. It also retains all of the original gold plated Norton springs. Everything is solid and the horn is in perfect regulation, adjusted with a lighter spring tension and medium-open key heights.


This is a very resonant, responsive alto. It takes your air quickly with a fast response, and while not overly dark, it has a definite warmer character in its tone. These 50's vintage Bueschers do not get their due, as this alto plays with a tremendous sound and is a great jazz horn when matched with the right mouthpiece. Stay tuned for a video to see what it is capable of! If you are on a budget and need a killer horn, this alto will not disappoint. Ships in its original case, which is pristine condition.