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AWESOME! Ted Klum Focus Tone Hand Crafted Brass 8 in Silver Plate

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Product ID: 1322TKFocusTone8sTen


HELP, I Want One!

Focus Tone 8*
This is a Ted Klum Focus Tone Hand Crafted model in an 8*, serial number 1322. At Saxquest we see a lot of mouthpieces made to emulate the classic Super Tone Master and can confidently say Ted makes some of the best there is. This one has only been played lightly and is in pristine original condition. 
The mouthpiece features a medium inner chamber with rounded inner side walls and a subtle roll on the baffle below the tip rail. This is a fantastic player with a lot of character. It is warm at the heart of the sound and can be played with plenty of intensity. Projection the piece is exceptional. 
The tip opening on this piece is .115”