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1923 Vintage Buescher True Tone C Melody Sax - Original Silver - Serial # 137488

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Product ID: 137488BuescherCMelody


HELP, I Want One!

Fantastic Condition with Original Buescher Snaps

This is an original 1923 vintage Buescher True Tone C-Melody saxophone in original matte silver plate, serial number 137488. This sax has been sitting awhile and could use a repad, and if you have a small repair bench at home this is a great way to pick one of these up on the cheap.


Physically the sax is very straight, and as such the repad should be straight forward. There are no past dents or damage. All of the keywork is intact with nothing broken or missing, and everything moves freely. The instrument does have its original “tenor style” neck, as well as all of the original Buescher snap-in metal resonators, a nice bonus. While the silver is tarnished, it shows little actual wear, mostly just on the usual touch points, and can be shined up to look like new.


If you have some experience in pad work and want to take on a project in your spare time, or if you just want to shine this instrument up to display as a cool piece of American saxophone history, you won't find a much better deal for as nice of condition as this horn is. It ships in its original case, which is also in stellar shape.